Agromax Décor strives to be the leader in landscaping in the Georgian and South Caucasus marketplace. We grow decorative plants: trees, shrubs and perennials locally in order to provide the best quality plants and services at reasonable cost to our clients. Agromax Decor will be the leading edge design and building team in creating unique outdoor living spaces. We will continue to be differentiated from our competition by the design and innovation of our green spaces.

Our mission is to assist our clients, both public and private, in designing and creating a unique, pleasant and relaxing green environment that enhances their outdoor living spaces.


Agromax Decor was established in Georgia in 2013. Two projects have been completed in Tbilisi to date, the landscaping around Sameba Cathedral and the new green space at the Avlabari Square. In addition, plants have been provided to Ureki, Sachkere, Batumi and The TBS Business Center and Mtatsminda Park in Tbilisi along with consultation and assistance with the design process. Currently, a new nursery and new sales office have been established in Sartichala, near Tbilisi.



Agromax Décor – partner for all your green needs:


–              Agromax Décor is a young Georgian international company with experienced European partners

–              we produce plants in Poland and in Georgia (Sartichala)

–              we have over 70 years experience in producing plants and landscaping

–              our employees are professionals in plants production, ladscape design, building and maintaining gardens.

–              our plants have been growing in Georgia for over 10 year – we know what grows well here



Want to see our nursery (only 30mins from Tbilisi)? Looking for a reliable supplier of plants and trees? Feel like planting a tree? Need a garden design? Please, call our sales specialist: contact

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